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“Apple” is the most valuable and trusted brand in the world. Macintosh is the name of an operating system designed by “NEXT”  Computer software company which was founded by Steve Jobs in 1985.

Macintosh is also known as Mac OS which stands for macintosh operating system. It is UNIX based operating system by Apple, exclusively for Macbooks and iMac.

Mac OS Currently is the second most widely used operating system after windows.

Mac OS history is quite infamous in the world. Are you still not aware of the history of Mac OS?

Then let’s get started, after the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple. Company suffered huge loss and board of directors at Apple decided to bring steve back from “NEXT” and leads company on provisional basis.

At the World Developers conference Steve jobs announced that developers want modern versions of Mac and Apple are going to deliver it. Whole audience applauded the Idea by Steve. This made Steve and his team work harder on Mac OS to achieve their goals and finally they proved it.

As the Followtic It’s my duty to tell you its Perks and hindrance about Macintosh Operating system.

(So Let’s begin with its Perks)

  • Bootcamp.
  • Works seamlessly with other apple devices.
  • Bloatware free.
  • Outstanding Designs.
  • Better after sales services.
  • Better software and hardware.
  • Best for artistic work.

(Its Hindrance are as follow)

  • Highly Expensive.
  • Hard to learn and use.
  • Less variety and options.
  • Non-upgradable.
  • Worse for games.


As a follow tic I can highly recommend the devices by apple, because it’s more secure and  ease of access to your tools. Best performance OS in the world right now.

[Follow tic means follower + critic]

Author- Hrishabh Singh Tomar

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