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ANDRiOS (Android and iOS)

ANDRiOS (Android and iOS) Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of LINUX kernel, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. Android initially developed by Android Inc. which Google bought in 2005. Current stable version is Android 10. It has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones […]
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Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, to sell basic interpreters for the Altair 8800. It’s best selling products are Windows operating system, Microsoft office. In 1980 Microsoft formed partnership with IBM to bundle Microsoft’s operating system with IBM computers, with that deal IBM paid Microsoft royalty for every sale. In […]
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  MACLOGG (MAC x BLOG) “Apple” is the most valuable and trusted brand in the world. Macintosh is the name of an operating system designed by “NEXT”  Computer software company which was founded by Steve Jobs in 1985. Macintosh is also known as Mac OS which stands for macintosh operating system. It is UNIX based […]
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